My name is Rob de Winter.
I'm an Adobe Certified Instructor, Public Speaker, Author, Designer and Musician based in The Netherlands

Adobe MAX

Since 2018 I've been speaking at the Adobe MAX creativity conference. Usually this conference takes place in Los Angeles, but in 2020 it was free and online!

The conference has now ended, but you can still view all the great lab and and regular sessions. You can find my sessions on these Adobe MAX pages:

‍Photoshop from iPad to desktop Part 1 to 3 in which you'll learn how to create amazing images with Photoshop on desktop and iPad. This lab session consists of 3 parts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. You can also download a workbook and exercise files on the session pages.

Adobe Animate: Creating an Interactive Infographic in which you'll get all the tools you need to create a stunning animated, interactive infographic with Adobe Illustrator and Animate. Watch the Animate session on the Adobe MAX page.

I also created this page where you can find the Animate session workbook and exercise files:

get animate session workbook & files

Photoshop Masters book

Photoshop Masters is my first (Dutch) book full of inspiration and interviews with the world's best Photoshop artists, such as Erik Johansson, Lisa Carney, Temi Coker and Felix Hernandez. How do they achieve their magical results, what are their favorite Photoshop tools and where do they get their inspiration from?

As a Photoshop instructor I always noticed that users have trouble finding the unique Photoshop combinations that turn an ordinary photo into an exceptional one.

This book is full of lessons, interviews and amazing Photoshop examples. For me it was an amazing experience to design and write this book. You can buy it on all major websites, such as Amazon and and in your favorite bookstore.

Buy Photoshop Masters

Training DWM Trainingen

I think one of the greatest things to do is teach people how to make beautiful things. That's why I started my training agency DWM Trainingen in 2008.

The courses and workshops I provide are usually in Dutch, but of course they can also be given in English. I'm specialized in teaching Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Animate, Acrobat, graphic design and typography.

At DWM Trainingen I mainly teach small groups of up to 9 people, and also in-company to graphic designers at companies such as Philips, McDonalds, the United Nations, Canon, the Dutch government and national broadcasters.

visit DWM Trainingen


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